Thursday, August 12, 2010

simpler times.

i remember being young, and life was seemingly simple. hot summer days filled with creek forts, cousin wars, and iced cold coca cola classic. life was good. i recall running barefoot on the hot bluegrass and gravel roads... not a care in the world, i had youth on my side. i loved the landscape of my childhood. only few will ever have the pleasure of experiencing and ruling over fresh cut grass, corn rows, and acres of pasture. The summer days were painted golden from the hot kentucky sun and the nights were painted orange and sometimes even pink, as the sun set on lone valley. we (me and my cousins) dominated the commune until dusk dominated us, and even dusk couldn't hold us. we would then embark upon other options such as mario, qbert, and legends of zelda. honestly, life couldn't have been sweeter. sometimes i catch myself daydreaming of these days past and realize life was more than good... life was great. i've come to understand and appreciate the true beauty in simplicity. we kept it simple. we loved the land, we loved community, and specifically, we loved each other. and today on this hot summer night in the 30th year of my life, i find myself longing for that same magical simplicity. some things never change.


  1. The things that never change are love--undiminished by the years or the miles. The Kentucky sun, the breeze, and even the grass remembers you.